Yoga classes
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Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes

Hatha Yoga works by gently releasing tensions from the body and mind. The postures help stretch and tone the muscles, joints and the spine while breathing exercises quieten the mind and calm the emotions. Relaxation techniques and meditation can increase mental alertness and encourage a positive frame of mind.

If practised regularly you can expect an improvement in your general well-being and perhaps an improvement from back pain, insomnia, tension headaches and depression. Why not try a class to feel the effects for yourself?

"I always look forward to Gabriele’s yoga class. It enables me to maintain my fitness & flexibility; very important to an older person such as myself. Gabriele is very patient and treats each person as an individual, recommending different approaches to postures, depending on the ability of the student." - Veronika S. -

"Gabriele Steen is a truly inspirational yoga teacher. She painstakingly ensures that any health problems that a student may suffer (I have back and knee problems) are taken into consideration in the movements they practise. Now my body and movements are supple and my back and knees are so very much better." - Angela S. -

"I can thoroughly recommend Gabriele's weekly yoga classes. She is a gifted teacher who responds with consideration to the individual needs of her pupils and creates a calm and inspiring atmosphere in her classes. An essential boost to one's well-being!" - Lynda W. -

"I started doing yoga in my twenties but was unable to find a suitable class on returning to London. Gabriele put a leaflet through the door in 2001. Since then, I have been attending class regularly and have also gone on a number of her retreats. Yoga has become an important part of my life." - Lizzy H. -

"Gabriele's yoga classes are well structured to every student's needs. I always come away feeling happy, relaxed, inspired and physically as well as mentally energised." - Effie R. -

"Gabriele's yoga class has been great in a number of ways. It's holistic mix of exercise and meditation has benefited not only my body but my mind and spirit as well. " - Regan O'Callaghan

Regular yoga classes
We offer the following regular day and evening classes during term time. Mixed ability classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students.

Central London (Pimlico-Victoria area)
Wednesday evenings (during term time only)
6.30 - 8.00 pm (all levels)
Your first class needs to be pre-booked and costs 15 per person. If you then decide to come back, the 15 will be deducted from the rest of the term cost. New places are limited to 2 spaces per class. Please enquire about availability.

New Malden/Groves Medical Centre
Tuesday evenings (during term time only)
18.30 hrs - 19.45 hrs and 20.00 hrs - 21.30 hrs (mixed ability)
and Wednesday mornings 8.30 hrs - 9.45 hrs and 10.00 hrs - 11.30hrs (mixed ability)
Your first class is free at my classes at the Groves Medical Centre. Classes are busy so please contact me to check availability and to reserve a free trial place.

Prices and availability for all of the above classes vary. Please enquire for more information and to book your first class.

1-1 sessions
If our class schedule doesn't suit you at the moment, why not try a 1-1 session either in the comfort of your home or in one of my yoga rooms. Prices start from 55 for one hour (including initial assessment and handouts).

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