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  • Yoga classes

    What should I wear?
    Loose clothing, tracksuit or similar is suitable. You may want to wear a short sleeve shirt under your tracksuit so that you can take the jacket off when you warm up and put the jacket back on during relaxation. Some postures need to be performed bare feet, so please wear socks not tights.

    Do I need to bring anything?
    You need to bring your own yoga mat unless you have asked me in advance to provide one for you. You may also want to bring a warm blanket which you can use rolled up to sit on and as a cover during the relaxation period.

    Can I eat before the classes?
    You are advised not to eat immediately before the classes. It is advisable to have finished a light meal at least 2 hours and a heavy meal at least 3 hours before your class.

    When should I arrive for class and what happens if I am running late?
    Classes start promptly. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to sign the register, get a cup of water, use the toilet, change and settle down in preparation for the yoga session. If you are running late within the first 10 minutes please always sign the register and then quietly join the class. Should you be later than 10 minutes, you may find the doors closed as it is not safe for you to join the class once we have started the warm up.

    What if I miss a class?
    Sorry, no refund for any missed classes.
    However, you can make up any missed classes in any of my yoga classes. Some classes are busier than others so you need to let me know which class you want to come to so I ensure there is n extra space for you.

    What are the aims of the classes?
    Most of the classes are mixed ability, from beginners to more experienced students. All classes will have the following elements:

    Pranayama - Breathing exercises
    We will be practising a variety of breathing exercises to help increase your lung capacity and to help calm your mind.

    Asanas - Postures
    We will be practising different warm up routines (i.e. Egyptian Sun Salut / Regular Sun Salut/Moon Salut). In addition the postures we will practice will work on core strength (working the abdominal muscles)
    hip openers (releasing tension from the hip area)
    back and forward bends of the spine as well as side stretches and spinal twists to increase the flexibility of the spine
    Upper body strength postures
    Balance postures to help strengthen the legs and feet as well as focus the mind

    Nidra - Relaxation introducing a variety of techniques and the introduction to 5 minutes of sitting meditation (on the floor or on a chair) using different techniques to help you focus your mind while your body is relaxed

  • Yoga Retreats

    I have not attended any of your classes. Can I still join one of your yoga retreats?
    Yes, you can. Even if you have never practised any yoga before, you are welcome to come on my yoga retreats. However, some yoga retreats are more suitable for total beginners than others. Please get in touch and I am happy to advice you.

    What happens if I have booked on a yoga retreat, paid a deposit but now can't come?
    If we can find a substitute student to take your place, I am happy to refund your deposit minus 10% admin charge. If a substitute student can't be found, then you may loose your deposit payment. Please check the cancellation policy on your booking form.

    What happens if I have booked on a yoga retreat, paid the total amount but now can't come?
    We always advice students to take out holiday insurance which means that if you can't make a trip due to unexpected illness etc. your insurance is likely to refund you. Unfortunately, unless we find a substitute student to take your place, it will not be possible to refund you. Please check the cancellation policy on your booking form.

    I have booked a place on one of your yoga retreats in the UK. Can I get a lift?
    On your booking form you find that you can tick if you want a lift out, return or both ways and I will do my best to team you up with another student.

    I have special dietary requirements. Can I come on your yoga retreat?
    The food on our retreats is vegetarian, hearty and delicious. However, all our venues cater for special dietary requirements, such as wheatfree, dairyfree etc. Please ensure you mention any allergies etc on the booking form. Note: Some venues charge extra for additional dietary requirements. You find more information about any extra charges on your booking form.

  • Reflexology

    I have never had a Reflexology treatment before. Is it suitable for me?
    Reflexology is a completely holistic treatment. I am happy to answer any question you may have prior to your first treatment. Please contact me. Following are testimonials from some of my clients.

  • Reflexology Testimonials:
    “I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which were very relaxing and informative and I have found that there have been significant benefits to my health from applying the advice given. Gabriele is extremely dedicated, friendly and caring and I would highly recommend her. I greatly look forward to having some further treatments!” - Alex -

    " I saw Gabriele a number of times during my first pregnancy for reflexology. She has a holistic approach and also gave me some personalised yoga and meditation advise during the sessions depending on the aches and pains or worries I was having at the time. I believe that this was definitely a contributing factor towards my straightforward labour for which I required minimal pain relief." - Dr. Anna Mustill -

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